Top 5 Dog Supplies All Dad Dogs Need

In recognition of the upcoming Fathers’ Day weekend, I polled my husband on his favorite dog supplies. These are his 5 favorite dog supplies that he would recommend to any dog guardian.

Bullmastiff with a Gentle Leader on sitting on the beach

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

It’s not a muzzle. It’s the control you get from having the collar sit right behind their ears.

The true test was when a pack of 4 dogs charged after Ruger, and she did not yank my arm out of its socket. She was still able to defend herself with it on, but I definitely had more control in that scary situation because of the Gentle Leader.

Bullmastiff with a West Paw dog toy

West Paw Dog Toys

We love all West Paw Dog Toys! We particularly like using the Tizzi and Qwizl to stuff with treats when we need to leave Ruger by herself, and the Bumi and Hurley for playing tug.

And, the West Paws Rowdies have totally beat my expectations for a plush stuffy! The Custer that she has is still intact…and it’s been over 3 months!

Here are some videos of Ruger with the Custer and Hurley, and a photo of how we use the Tizzi.

Slow feeder dog bowl filled with raw dog food for our Bullmastiff named Ruger

Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

We have 3 slow feeder dog bowls that we rotate through for Ruger’s meals. You’ll see a pink, purple, or turquoise slow feeder in many of our Instagram posts.

If you’re concerned about getting a dog bowl big enough for a large dog breed like a Bullmastiff, this Outward Hound Large Purple Flower slow feeder is the largest of the three we use, and can definitely accommodate a Bullmastiff meal.

Our Paw and Skin Salve is about to be applied to our Bullmastiff's paws

Paw-n-Skin Salve

Before heading into the snow or going into the forest, we apply our Paw-n-Skin Salve on Ruger to create a protective barrier for her paws.

When we get home, we’ll apply more salve right before she lays down for the night.

We also use this salve on the dry parts of our son’s ears, on minor cuts and scrapes, and even on bug bites.

Using the KONG Zoom Groom Dog Brush to wash our Bullmastiff

KONG Zoom Groom Dog Brush

This KONG Zoom Groom Dog Brush works particularly well with our dog soaps since it helps to reach the dirt under the top layer of fur. And, you can use it on dry fur, too!

There’s even a pink version!

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