Handcrafted with Dogs in Mind

We use dog-friendly ingredients, so we don’t pass harmful toxins to our dogs when we interact with them.

We all like to show love to our dogs through tons of cuddles and affection. We all love getting those big kisses in exchange, too! But when was the last time you looked at the ingredients in your skincare products?

Brindle-n-Fawn’s goal has always been to provide dog guardians with more natural options to care for their canine companions. Starting as an organic dog bakery, we realized that there was much more we could bring to our quest for creating a more pet-friendly environment. 

We applied the knowledge of safe and effective formulating that we gained as dog treat bakers to making better personal care products for not just your dog, but you and your family as well.  Our dual-purpose products are intended to assist in reducing the garbage impact on our environment.  We continue to develop our line of container-free cosmetics to further reduce the impact of our small business on the environment.

We know that you want the best for your dog, but don’t you want that same gold standard for yourself? From paw butter bars and paw cleaners for your four-legged companions to artisan soaps and body butter bars for you, Brindle-n-Fawn’s all-natural personal care products are designed not only to make you feel good while using them, but also about using them.

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